Verse In Progress

If you know anything about me, you know I have structure, order, planning, and the need for details, in my DNA. Structure and order have been part of my life since I can remember. 

I am the child of two amazing parents, JoAnn Catherine and Rogelio Augusto,  both who were driven, appreciated structure and loved to face and take on challenges and opportunities. I am also the middle child, the sibling birth order: Ana, Rogelio, Elena, Carlos, Tobias.

As I've read and been told the middle child often becomes a life long planner, a mediator, an individual who wants connections, who wants people, family, friends and colleagues to be connected and to prosper and grow from the connections.

Part of "planning" for me requires knowing the possibilities, knowing the landscape, knowing the expectations. I love to plan, one of my favorite planning activities, travel.  I love to photograph order and patterns. I can remember dates and times, better than names.  I have a clock that projects the time on the ceiling in my bedroom.  My poems, all free verse, 99% of them fit on a page and are made up of two verse stanzas. 

I am all of the above, and yes to a fault. As much good as order and structure and planning can bring to the cadence of life, it can also hamper all high structure people from seizing the moment, from speaking from the heart, from living in the moment, in the present, in the now, from seeing the obvious and glaring right in front of our eyes. It can hamper possibilities and opportunities because we don't like surprises, because we want to predict the outcome.  

I work at this everyday, trusting that there is already a path and a plan and a life scripted for Elena, hence I am a Verse in Progress.  

Everyday, even at 53 years, I am growing, learning, wondering, hoping, wishing, recognizing, celebrating and praying. 

Verse in Progress is all of me. I've  wanted for a very long time to have a place to write, to record, to yes, "organize" and capture the experiences, the photographs, the thoughts, ideas, prayers, the dreams, the hopes of my life that matter, that bring me joy, wonder, spirit, and learning. The the "verses" make a difference for me. 

Verse in Progress is such a place; I hope you will visit from time to time and enjoy the posts.  I've  combined all my prior blogs into VIP, with the ability to tag or label the posts, so anyone  visiting can easily get to whatever areas or topics they may be interested in reading.  

Verse in Progress is a reflection of my mind, heart, soul; a reflection of verses I have written in the past, those I am living and writing currently and those yet to be written.  I reviewed several definitions of the word verse and the one that caught my attention: verse is metrical composition.  The word metrical makes me think of measurement, tracking, cadence, accountability, compartments, and the word composition, simply the words; the words that record my experiences, hopes, dreams, plans, aspirations, fears, celebrations and prayers.  

Elena Maria Arosemena 
Sunday, August 12, 2012