Jun 2, 2020

Two Different Kinds of Storms

We are in the 2nd day of the 2020 Hurricane Season and Cristobal is forming in the Gulf of Mexico. When you live in Florida you have to care and pay attention to the forecast.  I love all the forecast models, all the radar information and visuals, some are like paintings. 

Today, most of the country is 8 days into the national protests and unrest due to the George Floyd homicide in Minneapolis while he was being restrained by 4 Minneapolis policemen. Today during my early morning walk at the Town Center I observed another kind of preparation for a different kind of the storm. In the past I've seen retailers board up their store fronts in preparation for Hurricane Maria an Irma, not this time. The homicide of George Floyd and the historic injustices it represents has unleashed a different kind of storm.  

I had hoped the first week of June would be a turning point from all that happened in May, I was wrong. We certainly cannot manage or influence the forces of nature spinning up a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. The George Floyd storm, that will require intervention, dialogue, truth, recognition, wide open eyes, wide open hearts, time, healing and leadership at every level. 

I'm certainly paying attention to both storms.