Jun 3, 2020


“Grace happens when we act with others on behalf of our world.” 
― Joanna Macy


I ran into Joanna Macy and her website on The Work That Reconnects via a DailyGood.org article that referenced her work with open sentences. 

I was immediately curious about the idea of OPEN SENTENCES so I followed the links in the article until I found videos, blogs and resources on open sentences and much more.  

If you are curious you can access the website at:

If you want to know more about Joanna Macy, you can access her website at:


The Work That Reconnects is about many things.  Joanna Macy is a scholar, author, teacher, a citizen of the universe focused on teaching and sharing a "framework for personal and social change". 

With all that is happening in the world today, with all that is happening in the United States with respect to the protests ignited by the homicide of George Floyd; the world at large, the United States, every leader, every elected official, every individual person, every Mother, every Pastor, we all need to draw on our strengths to do our part to support and embrace social change.

Based on each person's individual circumstances and truths, we all have something we can contribute, something we can support, someone we can embrace and celebrate. To do this we all need to rely on our strengths as individuals, so we can collective affect and participate in what lies before us. 

If we know and understand and appreciate our strengths perhaps we are more apt to take a step forward, raise our hand at a community meeting, volunteer to lead the closing prayer in a Life Group, make a donation to non-profit that focuses on social justice, volunteer for a candidate running for elected office, have a conversation that is not comfortable; all of these possibilities with the focus of considering a better future for our nation, for the world. 

These open sentences ask about our strengths: lessons learned, traditions lived, pains experienced, responsibilities accepted and accomplished and so much more.  These open sentences require time, introspection, sitting still.  

  • Strengths I draw from my own family and ancestral lineage are…

  • Strengths I draw from having ventured out into other traditions and experiences are

  • Strengths that have come to me through hardships, losses, and failures are

  • Strengths that have come from tasks I’ve undertaken and responsibilities I’ve assumed are…

Not until I read more about Joanna Macy did I realize she is credited with one of my favorite all time quotes.