Apr 28, 2020

This and That

I never thought I would have a Mask Drawer, akin to my Sock Drawer. I now have a small selection of masks due to social distancing practices implemented, suggested and practiced to stop the spread of Covid19.  

I have paper masks, carbon filled paper masks, the kind they wear at manicure and pedicure salons. I also have 3 cloth masks that were made by talented individuals who can do great things with a sewing machine. My favorite at the ones above, made with African cloths from Ghana. Not sure if the collection will grow or not. I'm managing all things Covid and pandemic, one day at a time. Grateful for all my blessings, and especially my health. 


I've never in my life prior to March 2020 had purchased three containers of Almond Milk at one time.  Yet here they are, starring at me when I open the frig. It's great that the shelf life of this product is so long. I'm thankful for being able to purchase these and for being able to store them and have them available during the social distancing restrictions and cautions. Every day I start my morning with a cup of Cafe Bustelo and a splash of Almond Vanilla Milk. 


When I lived in California and worked for Cox Communications, we had an earthquake safety initiative that required the company to have the appropriate survival supplies in the building in the event of a catastrophic earthquake. In the event that an earthquake would prevent employees from going home, the company put aside basic medical and food supplies that were restocked and refreshed annually, so we would be prepared to shelter in place incase of an earthquake event. 

This initiative also encouraged all employees to have an "Earthquake Bag" in the trunk of each employees car with again, the necessary supplies, clothes, shoes, gloves, hats, basic hygiene products, all incase you were unable to get home in the event of an earthquake. So we had our work supply, our own personal supply and then the same idea was encouraged that you have this basic supply at home. 

During all the years I lived in California (18+) I always had my personal earthquake bag supplied, inventoried and ready. My personal kit at home included all the basic items and earthquake candy. In the refrigerator you would always find 2 or 3 Snickers and/or ButterFinger Candy Bars. 

Since early March I adapted the same strategy regarding the candy bars, with the exception that I get the mini size version so the calorie count is the least possible. In shelter at home, there is always a time for a mini chocolate treat.