Apr 17, 2020


The world is having a collective experience, unlike anything most of us have ever experienced in our lifetime.  Certainly there are other "almost collective" experiences, but none that can compare with every citizen of every country in the world to some degree being impacted by the Corona Virus, Covid 19 Pandemic.  

All the citizens of the world, (with very few exceptions) will have a memory collection in their psyche about how the pandemic affected them in their daily lives, in the place they live, in their city, in their country. 

This global experience makes us realize, (I hope) that we are all collective citizens of one planet, EARTH, and not as divided as we think we are. It would be so wonderful to consider that post this experience, boundaries would be much less than what they are today, that differences would unite and not create such discord as they do today.  

I keep waiting for someone to galvanize the spirit of America during this time and still there is a vacuum. There's not been a united rally, a display of American Flags, a song, a declaration of unity; where is the one leader, the one cultural impresario, or the one spiritual beacon that rallies people to unite, to care, to consider, to cooperate, to not be afraid.  

Perhaps this expectation of a galvanized national spirit is unfounded, not realistic. Maybe the pandemic is so far removed from anything anyone could have considered as a possibility that a collective rally of country, patriotism, consideration, compassion is not possible. Perhaps the breakdown of systems, government, institutions is too much to bear on the collective spirit of nations at large, including America. 

History is being written everyday in the lives of everyone. Some pandemic experiences and histories will become movies, documentaries, memoirs, first person essays in leading newspapers and magazines, there will be stories to tell and share and remember and recognize. 

I've been keeping a list of questions, some I've shared and discussed with family and friends. Some are questions I will one day answer and make a record of, for no other reason, than it helps me make sense of this collective experience. It helps process the magnitude of what is going on, the possibilities of what could be, the hopes I have for everyone I know and love to be healthy and safe.  

I'm sharing these today and I will continue to add to them. If you have one that I can add, please share. 


When did you a know a Pandemic had been declared by the World Health Organization 

How did you find out, where were you 

What was your initial reaction, your thoughts 

What do you remember about that day, your concerns, your fears

Who did you reach out to immediately 

Did you have difficulty sheltering at home, being restricted from your daily life, routine  

Who did you shelter with

Do you have young children/grandchildren 

How young are they and how did you explain the pandemic to them 

What were the fears of your children/grandchildren, what were there most poignant questions 

What was your biggest challenge: emotional, physical, financial, practical 

What were you most grateful for during this time 

What headlines or new stories broke your heart 

What will you remember from the news cycle in 5 years, 10 years 

Do you know anyone personally who died from Covid19, share your thoughts about them 

Do you know anyone who got Covid19 and recovered, share your thoughts about them 

Do you think you had Covid 19 and were not tested 

What did you learn about yourself during the pandemic 

Do you have family and friends in other countries 

How was their experience different from yours 

Did you have a favorite IF 

IF I could be anywhere right now, where would that be 

IF I could be with anyone, who would that be and what would you be doing 

What did you learn from your shelter in place housemates, family, roommates, that you did not know before 

Did you inventory your household toilet paper ? Had you ever done this before ? How many rolls did you have maximum

What is the craziest or most imaginative food preparation you came up during this time 

What was your daily routine like 

Did you days of discouragement, fear, depression 

Did you care for an elder parent, neighbor, friend 

If you were the PRESIDENT in your country, what would you have done different

Who would you characterize as a successful leader(s) during the pandemic and why 

How did you help/contribute during pandemic, who benefited 

Are you planning to do anything different once shelter in place orders have been lifted 

What brought you most comfort ? Cooking, Music, Silence, Prayers, Reading, NetFlix, Arts, Crafts, Exercise, Gardening, Dancing, Being Healthy, Fill in the Blank 

Did you learn new crafts 

Did you learn new games 

What is your favorite new app on your phone 

What were your consistent sources of news 

What were your go to sources for encouragement and sanity

Did you implement new activities into your daily routine 

Did you create any works of art / crafts 

Did you go outdoors ?   Where, what did you do 

Did you Zoom Conference Call ? With who, Why 

Did you read books that you can recommend, movies 

How do you expect your life will be different after sheltering in place orders are lifted ? 
In a month, by December 2020, a year from now in 2021

Did you cancel travel plans 

If you could title a book about your own Pandemic Experience, what is the title 

If the pandemic were a color ? What color would it be for you, why 

If you could associate only ONE WORD with your pandemic experience, what would that word be and why ? 

Who is your Pandemic Hero(s) and why ? 

Did you have a Pandemic Prayer ? Can you share 

If you could interview one person with regards to their pandemic experience 
who would you interview ? Why

If you had one superpower that you could active during the pandemic, what would
that power be 

Do you think the virus came from a wet market in Wuhan China 

Or was the virus released from a Biomedical lab in Wuhan China 

If you could create one film documentary on the pandemic, what would you consider as the most compelling subject or topic for your film ?

What is the most basic change in your thinking because of the pandemic, what are you sure of now going forward that you had never considered before