Apr 22, 2020



Your reign inhabits 
Priests, Tribal Leaders, Mothers, 
Children, Prisoners and Bus Drivers 
Your royalty is not a surprise 
Your vengeance circumventing the globe is
Ready or not, you invade, 
crystalline droplets one by millions 
Your corona drowns the air of thousands 
and thousands and thousands 

How will we come to know 
When will we understand 
Will we ever appreciate 
Will truths be known in a year’s time 
Or in our lifetimes 

What really happened, when, where 
Even those who are not infected are 
Fear, anxiety, stress, grief, sorrow, ruin 
Your crown shines bright and is of many colors 
Everyone holding their own hue near and far 

Reality mixes with the cousins surreal
fantasy wears thin veils and sneaks around 
hours become blue days and blue days 
become orange hours 

Routines become respite hallelujahs 
while hushed prayers on bended knees wash over 
back and forth and back and forth 
desperately trying to drown uncertainty 
in the rough seas of our imaginations 

Corona today you are sovereign 
This war between virus and humans 
A caution, a Mayday, an admonition 
A chapter out of who’s demonic playbook 
What are we to learn, to appreciate, to sulk 

One day, predictors narrate potential victories
Academies, experts, virologist, scientist, they all sing 
Melodies of hope, concerts for a victor vaccine 
A vaccine that will in future crush your pointy crowns 

One day, how will we know, how will we understand 
will we ever appreciate the lessons of your reign 
Who will be our guide, who will turn the pages
Who will put the chalk away at the end of the day 

Elena M. Arosemena