Apr 27, 2020

My New Friend ARIES

Today I finally got the courage to ask for a photo. I approached the owner of a beautiful Doberman I've been walking in and around and away from at the Town Center. And below is the best I could do. The dog's name is Aries, his owner is Roberto. Aries is 2 years old, a big pup.   

When I asked for the photo, the dog would not sit very still, he was very interested in the treat promised by Roberto if he sat still.  Any attempts to look at the camera did not succeed.  I took 3 or 4 photos and this is the best one. 

I've been spying on Aries for about 3 weeks now. He is not a regular at the Town Center. He gets walked probably 2 days a week.  For a time I thought that Roberto and I were coordinating our walks as I always saw the Doberman and I always had an escape plan to walk in a completely different path so I could not have to come anywhere near the dog. 

Aries gets walked on a long leash, he walks probably 10 to 15 feet away from his owner, he does not pull on the leash, at the same time, the distance between dog and owner makes me very nervous. The owner many times walks while texting, there is more focus on the phone vs. Aries and this also makes me very nervous. My dog radar in my head, sets off immediately, especially with large breeds. 

The first day I saw the Doberman, I stayed far away from him.  I immediately imagined what Morgan would have done if she got anywhere near this dog. Morgan as small as she was physically, made up for her size with attitude and presence. She wanted every dog to know that she was in charge of the universe and that she was present and should be accounted for.  She barked, she was not aggressive, but her bark served as an announcement that I'm MORGAN and you better watch out. Over the years, this got us in trouble a few times, so I learned to keep both Morgan and Maddie away from any dogs they were not friends with.  And the list of friends and familiar dogs was short. 

Aries owner is a nice gentleman, he told me that Aries is very friendly and I should not be afraid. I shared with Roberto a brief story about the Doberman in my childhood in Panama, his name was Rey. I also told him Maddie and Morgan. 

I'm sure I'll see Roberto and Aries again.  Although the rules for lockdown in Florida will probably be eased as of May 1st, so Aries owner may be going back to work. Or back to whatever routine he had before Jacksonville went on lockdown. 

Aries is a beautiful Doberman, very tall. I wish him and Roberto well.