Apr 1, 2020

APRIL 1st, 2020

I’ve always like to track numbers, dates, times, related to any and all things life. I love calendars and I love to see them; I have one at my desk, one on my refrigerator, one where I write my greetings cards and correspondence and for sure there is a calendar active on all my technology devices. 

I’m grounded and at ease knowing how many days until something happens, or how many have passed since something happened.  It’s one of those characteristics I imagine is part of my type A personality, of wanting to have some semblance of control, of knowing there is structure. 

Today is April 1st, 2020. 

Tomorrow the State of Florida goes into mandatory “Stay-At-Home” order, finally our state Governor, Ron DeSantis thinks it’s time. 

51 days ago on February 11th, the world came to know the official name of the deadly disease that started in China, in December 2019.  COVID 19 is the name given to disease caused by a new novel corona virus.  The official names for viruses are decided by the World Health Organization. 

33 days ago on February 29th, the United States had its first Covid 19 death. As of yesterday the total deaths in the US is at 4,713. Projections through August are now up to 200,000 deaths in the United States. 

25 days ago on March 7th, a Holland America Cruise Ship, the MS Zaandam, left port in Buenos Aires, now the ship is being denied entry into any port, as hundreds of passengers and crew are Covid 19 affected. The ship is currently pleading to be able to dock with authorities in the State of Florida. 

21 days ago on March 11th, the World Health Organization declares Covid 19 a pandemic. As of today 42,342 people have died across the world.  Corona virus infections world-wide will be over a million today or tomorrow. 

8 days ago on March 24th, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo were officially delayed for one year. 

Since the pandemic was declared, I know how many days it’s been since I visited a grocery store, I’m going on 12 days today. I’ve tracked all my outdoor activities, days I go on walks, days I’ve visited Ana and Parker and Toby. I even know how many rolls of toilet paper I have, crazy times for sure. 

Today when I was on my walk, I looked for normal, regular, activities that I could focus on to remind myself that one day these difficult times for the world will come to pass. I ran across a landscaper at the Town Center, (yes we were more than 6 feet apart) he was trimming bushes with an electric trimmer and the sound of the trimmer was like a symphony. Once I noticed him, I purposely slowed my walk and observed all that he was doing, his moving almost in slow motion, up and down, the cuttings blowing in the wind at his feet. He had earphones on, I imagined he was listening to country music, he looked like a country music kind of guy. 

Then I spotted a Mom with 2 small daughters, both girls riding PINK Razor Scooters. They had on pink helmets and pink t-shirts. They were quite a sight. They didn't appear to have a care in the world. The girls were young, maybe 8 and 10 and they were enjoying themselves, the wide-open sidewalks, deserted, it was their own private track. 

And that’s all the people I saw today, on my walk, 4.  I did walk by the Target store and the parking lot had maybe 30 cars, at a distance I saw a few people walking in and out of the store.  

Everytime I walk at the Town Center I miss Maddie.  I miss Maddie and Morgan. Tomorrow will be 3 months since Maddie’s passed. Maddie was such a great companion; we bonded even more after Morgan was gone, we were each other’s support. I will never forget the day we came back to the house, after Morgan passed, Maddie entered the house and quickly went to every room looking for Morgan. The look on her face when she was done searching every room was confusion, her eyes said loud and clear, “Mom where is Morgan” ? It took us both sometime to be able to manage the absence of Morgan in our lives.  She was such a sweet girl, loving, she followed me everywhere, she was always with me. 

Time certainly passes, life changes and we usually adjust. I’ve had several conversations with different family members or friends about what our lives will be like post Covid 19 ? 

Some question is there going to be life post Covid 19 ? Will the virus be gone ? Will we be able to measure and detail “community wide immunity” ? Are we going to start wearing masks ongoing  like they do in China ? Are we going to have the app on our phones that they have in China that details your history with Covid 19 or not and details your geographic footprint ? Where have you been, how large has your footprint been with regards to travel ? 

Hmmmmm, I try not to think about the big looming questions, possibilities all the time.  I want to be informed, I don’t want to be overwhelmed or scared. 

I’m grateful for all that call, text, email and write. I’m grateful that I have family close by, 4.7 miles to be exact. I’m going to my sister’s for lunch tomorrow, we have a weekly gathering with her and Parker and Toby.  It’s wonderful. And they always send me home with food. 

Morgan Sofia & Maddie Louise