Apr 16, 2020


HMMMM, the photo above could be many things ? Corn tortillas baked to a crisp ? Large communion wafers ? A math project ? Cardboard pieces cut into imaginary pizza slices ?  

I have to admit that amidst all the crazy, compelling, painful, overwhelming, surreal, awful, ideas, articles, dreams, reports, conversations, thoughts, that I've read and I've had since the pandemic was declared, amidst all of that going on in my head, pizza has crossed my mind. Once or twice. 

Here is why: 

#1 They day the Mayor of Jacksonville announced that all of Jacksonville and the nearby beach cities would close down, all non-essential business, I pondered where I would want to go first when we are all beyond the pandemic. 

When I feel  safe and comfortable and confident enough to go out, where would I go ?   My immediate thought was V's Pizza at Jacksonville Beach. Immediate, no question about it. And I've only been to V's Pizza twice. It's not like I'm a regular at any of their locations. I have to admit that the pizza idea has been roaming around in my head, making appearances here and there, and it's OK. 

#2 The pizza is wonderful. The business is locally owned, and the location I've gone to in the past is at the beach. Literally 40 or 50 yards from the sand.  They have ovens imported from Naples, Italy, made by the Stefano Ferrera family, who've been making pizza ovens for hundreds of years. The pizza cooks at 900* and is ready, perfectly crispy, charred just ever so, in 90 seconds. All of the ingredients are top notch, flour importated from Italy, tomatoes are San Marzano, and on and on and on.  https://www.vpizza.com/history


#3 I knew if I cut the pieces of cardboard just right, I could send pizza slices in the mail as correspondence greetings.  

#4 I could think about this outing to V's Pizza as a realistic future event. I'm  sure we all have one or two in mind: baseball games, visiting Grandparents, going to school, going to the movies, going to church, going to work. And who doesn't like pizza ? I don't know anybody who dislikes pizza. 

I have to admit, if I could thread all my thoughts together, all the reflection, consideration, the what if scenarios, the why's of government, politics, the collective grief of humanity, all of these thoughts together would amount to a very long thread, miles perhaps. Sometimes the off switch does not work in my head. 

I like to read and this gets me in trouble.  There are a few articles that I've had to read several times. The best one so far regarding how vaccines are developed, is one published in the The New Yorker in early April. If you read nothing else about how the world gets to a vaccine, I challenge you to read or listen this article, The Quest for a Pandemic Pill.  See link below 

If you access the article on an a tablet or a PC, you can click on a audio link and listen to the article. It's long and complex, worth every minute you will spend considering the science. I'm thankful everyday that there are people in the world who work in labs and science centers and make it their lives work focusing on finding a remedy for this horrific situation we are all globally a part of. 


I have a few video links to share, I will post at a later date. 

I hope that wherever you are, you and your family and friends are well.