Mar 26, 2020


In times of crisis, people reach for meaning. Meaning is strength. Our survival may depend on our seeking and finding it.

- Viktor Frankl -

During these unprecedented, unchartered, unimaginable times in the world, there are many qualities of humanity that can never be isolated or quarantined.  

Physical distance certainly can have an impact on the manifestation of these qualities, yet there remains in each one of our hearts and minds the capacity to imagine and love and connect and be grateful. 

The impact and magnitude of a pandemic is individual and different for all. My mind goes from thinking about what it must be like to be a checker at Publix or Costco or Walmart these days, to the courage and valor and sacrifice of all individuals all around the world that are on the frontlines of healthcare.  

The countless number of families around the world that are impacted with deaths of loved ones. Deaths that because of the pandemic take on a veil of community not meant for grieving. The death of a mother, father, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister; the death of any loved one is not supposed to be a pandemic statistic, a dot on a chart or graph. 

There are millions who have lost employment; their worries compounded by the practicalities of how to pay rent, buy groceries, keep the lights on. For those impacted by an actual positive test of Covid 19, what must that be like?  The virus certainly has no prejudice. 

How do we construct collective hope and light and grace in the world at large and our individual worlds? How do we manage one day at a time, not knowing when the surge will subside? Not knowing when the curve will lose its formidable peak? 

What unites the world in these times, what is possible in each of us is the opportunity for a unified architecture in our hearts and minds to be graceful, to be loving, to be creative and imaginative in our daily lives.  Every person can be a brick, we can all be part of a foundation that builds on what is good about humanity. 

I’ve read several articles and editorials that speak about 

“deeper truths being delivered in the envelope of crisis”

“the fracture of our social fabric and what it reveals about the United States as a nation”

“the front row seat the world gets to mortality during an pandemic”

So much to consider. 

The breath of complexity and critically in times of this pandemic and how the world responds will be the legacy future generations inherit.  

We can all do our part to write the collective chapter emboldened with grace and compassion and love and imagination for what's possible, what is good, what is right. 

 How does the saying go… “ONE RIPPLE AFFECTS THE OCEAN”………


Wherever you are, be well, be careful, be kind.