Mar 6, 2020

The Magnolia Sounds


Today I stepped into my daily routine as I do most days. I had a cup of coffee, read my morning devotionals, sent Birthday WhatsApp texts to my brother Rogelio and his wife, Maria Elena and then went for a walk at the Town Center.  

I got back around 9:45am. The day was still cool, brisk and windy. One of my favorite combinations of weather; I opened the sliding glass door so I could bring the fresh air into my living space. I made another cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed listening to the sounds and music of the wind.  I never expected the large magnolia tree outside my front door to be such a lovely instrument of nature. It is a gift for sure. 

The tree was planted in early 2000 or 2001. 18 or 19 years later, the tree is mature, tall, about three stories and about 12 to 15 feet in circumference at its widest reach. The leaves are thick, like soft leather.  When the wind is blowing, gusting, rustling, and whispering, the branches and leaves become instruments of nature that I thoroughly enjoy.  Today I purposely listened and enjoyed the tall magnolia, for about 30 to 45 minutes. And this is what I heard:

Many times, the collective exhale of a thousand angels. 

The sure sounds, the pressing sounds, imagine 12 bakers rolling out pie dough around your kitchen counter. The leaves colliding giving way to the force of the wind, just as the ball of dough gives way to the pressure of the rolling pin over and and over.  Slow determined, rhythmic movements, the wind pushing softly, assured, the movements of the tree from west to east.  

A large group of small birds taking flight, their bodies so close, they color the sky. 

The exaggerated whispers that run and delight at the very crest of large, fast, moving waves in the middle of the ocean.

Hands clapping NOT in unison, fast claps, many claps, a large audience out of sync. 

And my favorite sounds from the magnificent magnolia, the unsure footsteps of 5 or 10 toddlers, walking towards their Mothers on an old uneven, wooden floor. 

Not sure how these visuals get created in my mind, I’ve always had the manifestation of images in my mind associated with the sound of winds.  The big magnolia outside my window, an orchestra of nature for sure. And incase your wondering, my coffee is not corrected. My coffee ingredients are: Cafe Bustelo with a bit of almond vanilla milk, nothing else.