Mar 9, 2020

The Story of Eva Kor


Yesterday was International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th around the world. I got a few text and greetings from international friends from Panama, Ghana, India and Atlanta.

I did not plan to learn about EVA KOR yesterday. I did what I usually do most times when I watch television, (which is not often), I went to channel 7 on my TV which is the local PBS station where I can usually find an interesting, relevant documentary, and I did.  PBS was replaying the documentary on EVA KOR. 

The PBS documentary is available online or if you have PBS Passport you can stream anytime on your television.  Eva's story is amazing, compelling, heartwarming. 

Eva herself is a character, a force of humanity, goodness, kindness. If you have time to binge watch anything on Netflix or Amazon, you certainly have time to watch this documentary.  

On your next rainy day, or on your next movie night, I encourage you to watch this documentary.  The messages of humanity and hope, the messages of kindness and compassion, the messages of what one person can accomplish in their lifetime, they are all threaded in the amazing life of this tiny international woman, Eva Kor. 

1934 - 2019