Mar 22, 2020



"The sky is the daily bread of the eyes".

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Wherever you are, I hope that you have a view of the skies. Or that you are able to get to a window, a terrace, a back door, or a patio and that you can at some point during your day get to look at the skies and at the same time inhale and exhale purposely with your all of your body and soul. 

Deep breath in, deep breath out, for a few seconds, experience, relish, and hopefully recognize a tiny moment of calm. 

When I took this photo yesterday, I was recording this image because of the upside down chairs, a simple visual, powerful and significant because of what the world is experiencing today. For many, everything is upside down. For all there is uncertainty. It's still surreal for me to think that the entire world today is impacted by a common invisible force that is lethal, that is deadly. 

When I got home and accessed the photo on my 21 inch screen on my desktop, I immediately saw the skies, the expanse of light blue; I sat back in my chair and got tears in my eyes. The sky made me pause, the blue color for a minute or two was a gentle and delicate; a breath of fresh air and hope filled my heart and mind. 

Since yesterday, since taking the photo, I've been able to close my eyes and visualize this photo and enjoy calm several times. I hope that for a minute or two you can do the same. 

Wherever you are, be well, be careful, be kind.