Mar 19, 2020



If I had the ability to add to the White House COVID 19 Task Force, if I had the ability to add to the national conversation and cautions, I would figure out a way to call on, celebrate, recognize and put into action all of the creative resources possible, via the safest way to possible to INCITE THE POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT on a national level. 

So much could be done now today. Maybe it’s a separate task force, a separate group. 

Where is the national rally, where is the collective shouts from the rooftops of the human spirit, the fire we all have within us to want to prevail, to want to be kind, to want to be graceful and grateful on a national scale. The spirit that we all have that cares for the collective humanity we are all a part of. 

All of the late-night talk shows and variety shows have figured out a way to produce their programs from home bases and make the shows available on YOUTUBE. Why don’t we have a YOUTUBE channel for 5 minute videos for all the kindness and consideration that is going on around the country. 

Maybe the HUMAN SPIRIT task force would call on famous people, sports legends, leaders of Faith, someone that could speak to all the different generations and have them share messages of encouragement, messages of caution, messages of where to get valid COVID 19 information.  PSA focused 100% on rallying the collective human spirit. 

Where is the Flatten The Curve, (FTC) song, dance, T-shirt?  If there was a national Flatten the Curve logo we could all print on a 8 x 11 piece of paper and tape to our windows, or windshields.  The one above in this post is now taped to my refrigerator. 

Where is the We are the World, song for COVID 19 ? I’m sure there is a way to get lots of people joined via teleconference, or via individual videos that could be edited together for a great song. 

Where is the national leadership around the collective HUMAN SPIRIT that I know walks in our daily lives amongst all of us.  Where is the challenge and call to rally one of the most basic human elements we all can summon, the spirit in our hearts and minds to want to do what is right in this unprecedented time of a pandemic. 

Where are the national commercials or PSA’s – thanking healthcare workers, bank tellers, cashiers, truck drivers, gas stations staff, police, fire, ambulance teams, who are doing their part to keep basic services ongoing.  Messages of gratitude need to be collectively heard and shared.   

We need to all get on the same national team and share our collective human spirit and rally everyone to one goal, FLATTEN THE CURVE. I know we’ve all seen this before, in some shape or form. I know you know that we can rally, we all have to join in, however possible. One person at a time, we can do this.  

Wherever you are, be well, be careful, be kind.