Feb 8, 2020

Sérgio Vieira de Mello

Documentary currently on Netflix
from 2009 


From Wikipedia page of Sergo Vieria de Mello 
Vieira de Mello was working as United Nations Special Representative for Iraq when he was killed[15] in the Canal Hotel bombingAbu Musab al-Zarqawi, a leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the blast.[16] A communiqué from al-Qaida said that de Mello was assassinated because he had helped East Timor become an independent state, thereby stealing territory from the Islamic Caliphate.[17]

He had been mentioned in some circles as a suitable candidate for UN Secretary-General.[18] His death was widely mourned, largely on account of his reputation for effectively working to promote peace. Vieira de Mello was buried at the Cimetière des Rois in Geneva, Switzerland.

I vaguely remember the news headlines of the bombing at the Canal Hotel in Iraq in August of 2003 that killed Sergio Vieria de Mello, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, along with 20 members of the United Nations staff working in Iraq. 
By chance, I found the SERGIO documentary on Netflix a few days ago and watched. It originally ran on HBO 11 years ago,  I'd not heard of this movie until just this week. 
Netflix is producing a movie about Sergio Vieria de Mello, if you search for the documentary you may get articles and links to the trailer of the movie and not the 2009 documentary. 
The documentary is interesting and compelling for many reasons.  Many themes are present in this documentary and certainly gave me pause to think about them. 
So much is present in the recounting of Sergio's life and what happened the day of the bombing in Iraq.  Below I've listed what immediately comes to mind that is included in the documentary. I'm sure if you watch you can add to this list. 

history, governments, politics 
the posture of intentions vs. hardcore realities
the United Nations, 
individual dedication, passion and drive,
the human psyche, character and spirit, 
the role complete strangers play in our lives, 
the raw emotions of first responders, 
the genius of ingenuity,
the consequences of war, violence, 
the resilience of valor and courage, 
the models of inclusion, 
the will to live at any cost,
the comfort we garner from traditions,
the place we call "home", 
the loss of great love, 
the loss of a child at any age, 
the fragility of life, 
the actions of evil, 
the finally of death,
the possibilities of what could have been.


Sergio Vieria de Mello