Feb 18, 2020

Mr. & Mrs.

                                          Charlotte & Jaime
                         Iglesia El Carmen, Panama City, Panama
February 2020 

The visit to Panama for Charlotte and Jaime's wedding on Saturday, Feb. 15th, 2020 was exactly as I had imagined, a whirlwind of social activities, meeting and greeting many new people, Charlotte and her family included; all the while memories of Panama 50 years ago flooded my heart with longing for a time when we were all children, we lived in Altos del Golf and our parents were healthy and in the prime of their lives. 

The wedding was amazing. The church ceremony was filled with love and faith and ritual, the sermon was on point. It's a long story: the English speaking priest that had been scheduled to conduct the mass and wedding ceremony, he was called to U.S. 2 weeks ahead of the wedding date. So the wedding was in Spanish, the priest, Padre Jose Hector Gonzalez, officiated a loving ceremony in Spanish, and asked Jaime, the groom,  to translate and it was perfect. 

Father Gonzalez paused when necessary so Jaime could keep up with the sermon or homily translation.  When it came time for the vows, the best man, Juan Carlos, who is Jaime's younger brother, he translated the vows into English so Charlotte could respond. Charlotte is from the Netherlands, her first language is Dutch, she also speaks English. It all worked out as though it had been planned exactly that way. In photo above you can see Juan Carlos, behind Father Gonzalez, translating. 

We had 2 friends and family dinners, one especially so we could get to know Charlotte's family, her Dad, Jan, her Mother, Marjolijn and her brother, Boudewijn and especially Charlotte. What a wonderful, loving, fun, family. It was like we had known them all our lives. Over a wonderful Italian dinner on Thursday night we spent hours visiting, learning about each other, getting to know them as a family and vice versa. 

The wedding reception was a PANAMA wedding reception, the party started around 9pm and the last to go home were leaving the venue at 4am, to go out for breakfast. Many danced the night away, there was a band that was excellent. Lots of food and beverages and party favors and many memories made.  I was able to keep up until about 2am and then called it a night. 

Sunday Roger and Mari hosted a family luncheon at 1pm at their lovely home and it was very special. We got to visit with our Panama MOM, Tia Laura De Alba, she is 91 years young. We all visited with her, held her hand, hugged her and told her many times how much we have loved her over the years.  We also go to visit with Tia Aida Jacome, our neighbor from across the street from us when we were growing up in Altos del Golf. My mom referred to Aida as her Panamanian Sister. In the photo below, Tia Laura is in yellow, and Tia Aida in the pink, flowers blouse. Two amazing, loving, dear, dear, family friends.

Roger reminds me so much our Father. His personality, his mannerisms, his attention to detail, his compassion and kindness. It was wonderful to share this amazing live event with Roger and Maria Elena and all in their family. Thanks to Roger and Mari for a wonderful visit.  Love you Love you very much ! ! ! 


                             (L to R) Carlos, Ana, Rogelio, Elena, Tobias