Feb 11, 2020


This week I'm traveling to Panama for a family wedding. There is so much excitement for so many reasons. The family is getting together, all siblings, all spouses, our niece and nephews, all cousins and many dear family friends. 

We are back in Panama, the place we all called home as children. So many dear and wonderful memories.  Earlier today I was anticipating the smell when you get off the plane at Tocumen Airport. There is something unique and endearing about the hot, humid air in Panama and when you get off the plane you know you there, in country, on tierra firme, PANAMA. 

Jaime and Charlotte are getting married. Jamie is Mari's oldest son, my brother, Roger's wife. Charlotte is from The Netherlands so we get to meet her for the first time in person along with all in her family. So much to look forward to, so much to enjoy, and yes SALSA. There are lots of plans for dancing the night away at the wedding reception, Panamanian's love to have a good time. I'm sure it will be a grand, joyous, occasion. 

The wedding will be at night, at the Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Carmen, one of the most beautiful churches in Panama. I'm sure Charlotte will be absolutely stunning as she walks down the aisle with her Father.  Oh what joy, these young lives joining in marriage, their bright, exciting futures ahead of them. Jaime and Charlotte live in Amsterdam, I look forward to visiting them in The Netherlands once they are settled after the wedding. 

I know it will be a whirlwind. We have activities everyday leading up to the wedding. On Sunday we are all gathering for a family luncheon and our dear, family friend, our 2nd Mom in Panama, Tia Laura de Alba will be joining us. Tia Laura is 92 years young. She has been in our lives with love and joy and celebration especially in the years immediately following our Mother's passing. It will be great for all of us to be with Tia Laura and her daughter, Eugenia on Sunday. 

I'm going to do my best to take this all in, all the love, the joy, the excitement. I'm going to breathe, observe, embrace, enjoy, participate, and yes even salsa. Or as some would say, BE PRESENT. 

I'm blessed to be part of a wonderful family. I know our parents are watching from the Heavens above, joyful, filled with confirmation and confidence that their legacy courses the veins in our lives. Our Mom, especially loved Panama and the life she had there with our Dad and their 5 children.  It's the same type of life I wish for Jaime and Charlotte, loving, caring, responsible, honorable, filled with dreams, possibilities, and adventure.