Feb 9, 2020

Hello Rogo

My older brother, Roger, loves cars and especially Corvettes. Roger has lived in Panama ever since I can remember. He moved to Panama a few years after he graduated from college to help our Grandma Arosemena, after Grandpa Rogelio died and he never moved back.  

Because Roger lives in Panama we don't see him as often. Thanks to WhatsApp and phones, and data networks all over the world, we stay in touch via phone calls and texts and for sure via my Corvette photos. 

I wish I'd saved a few of the photos over the past years. I've photographed every style, color, and probably most models of the Corvette. I've taken photos from different angles, sometimes the full car, sometimes just the backside with the car name and the logo, sometimes the crest of the front hood with enough of the car in the photo, so Roger always knows it's a Corvette for sure. 

Not sure why there are so many in Jacksonville, I see them at least once or twice a week. If I can take a photo from my car without any mishap, I take the photo and then send to Rogo, via WhatsApp, with a "I'm thinking of you" message. One of my favorites, I was behind a beautiful white Corvette, the back red taillights on, the car making a vroom vroom sound while we were stopped at a red light. I took a video of the twinkling red lights and enough of the car so Roger can always tell that it's a Corvette.

Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, a fun way to keep in touch and let him know I'm thinking of him.

Today I spotted a bright, shinny, burnt tangerine, Corvette in a lane of traffic behind me. I thought the car was going to pass me and it never did. So I did the next best thing and photographed the car in my driver's side mirror. 

Roger and his wife, Mari, visited JAX a few months back, for the Rolling Stones concert and when they pulled up to our sister's house, it was in a bright yellow Corvette model, especially made to celebrate Hertz 100 Anniversary.  

Roger let me take the car out for a spin and it was fun and scary all at the same time.  It went from zero to very, very fast in two or three blinks.  Way too much car for me. I could not see over the rounded hood, certainly not a car for me. 

I'm sure everyone has nuances, habits, patterns, modes, quirks or routines in their lives that remind them of someone, or keep them in touch with family or friends. For me and Rogo, it's photos of random Corvettes.