Feb 4, 2020



It's been just over a month since Maddie's sudden passing early in the morning on January 2nd.  

While my heart is still broken, her absence is not as loud, the volume of the physical void has decreased some.  For days there were areas of the floor I would walk around as if Maddie was still resting in her favorite spots. I still find myself thinking that she is following me to the kitchen as she did every time I headed that way.  Last week Cindy and I took Maddie's bed and her two favorite pillows to the Humane Society. Her Thunder Vest and her beautiful red winter jacket will be shared with a handsome Corgi in Georgia named Scout. 

Last week I finally cleaned out her last batch of fresh celery treats. I'd cut a fresh stalk on 12/31 and after Maddie passed, I kept the celery in the refrigerator for as long as possible. I changed the water every few days as I had always done, I even had a few pieces myself, tears flooding my heart with every crunch.  Both Maddie and Morgan loved loved their celery treats from the time they were both puppies. 

I am grateful for all who called, texted, emailed and sent cards. I will forever have Maddie Louise and Morgan Sofia in my heart. They were amazing, loving, spirited, beautiful Corgi girls.  

My heart is filled with gratitude for all the love and support shared during this past month. 

Thanks to Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Walls, Dr. LaDue, Dr. Barton and especially Dr. O'Connell.  Your care of Maddie and your compassion for all that Maddie went through during her last 2 days will always be appreciated. 

Maddie Louise 

Morgan Sofia 

The Girls  ~ May 2018
St Johns Town Center