Feb 20, 2020

Go to Beverage When Sick


Not sure when or how, I think I have an idea. The COPA Airlines flight on the way home from Panama to Orlando was like being in a freezer. Even though I had two layers of clothing on and I was even wearing socks, I froze for about the first hour of the flight. I was cold inside my bones.  

When we got to Orlando the temperatures were mild, I remember in the car on the drive to Jacksonville I kept sinking into the back seat more and more. By the time we got home around 5:30PM, I went straight to bed. 

I had a tiny sore throat and a dry cough. HMMMMMMM ...... 

Nobody else in my family had any symptoms, all are well, with no issues. My 2nd day back the sore throat was gone, the cough intensified.  And my voice was that of an old ragged sailor back in the whaling days. I could barely understand myself when talking. I was in bed all day yesterday. Toby brought me my favorite "not feeling well" beverage, diet lemonade from Chick-Fil-A.  I don't frequent this place often, but when I don't feel well, the diet lemonade is my favorite go to beverage. I drink it cold, I drink it hot and even mix with the Theraflu meds.  Today I'm on my 2nd round of diet lemonades. Even though I feel much better, I'm not 100% yet. 

We had a full schedule in Panama, lots of activities, social events, and lots of wonderful emotions. Perhaps my body was just a bit under the weather from going, going, going. I'm sure tomorrow I will be closer to 100%. Ana and Parker and Toby have called each day, several times, to check on me. 

With all that is going on in the world, you can never be too cautious. In Panama the flight arriving from Orlando was not screened in anyway.  When family and friends arrived in Panama from New York City, their flights were met with teams dressed in hazmat suits with masks and thermal scanners. Everyone on those flights was scanned for fevers as they entered Tocumen Aiport in Panama City, Panama.  During the entire travel experience, I saw three people with masks, one in Orlando on the day we departed, and two in Panama on the day we were headed back to US. 

During times like this, I would love to be able to talk to my DAD. He was always reassuring about any health issues, questions, recommendations, precautions. Absent of these conversations with my DAD, I'm paying attention to all that is going on. And I am grateful that I have family very close by to help if the need arises. My expectation is that tomorrow I will be about 97% back to feeling well. 

Wherever you are, be well.