Jan 22, 2020

Reflect = Simple Gestures

During the holidays in December, a dear friend from my days in High School and Junior High in Barstow, CA. posted a request on Facebook asking all of her FB contacts to consider sending a holiday card or greeting to her MOM who is in her mid 90's and lives alone in Barstow.  She commented on the post that her Mom did not get much mail and mainly it was bills and request for donations. 

I responded immediately and got all the information to send a card to my friend's MOM.  A few weeks went by and an update was posted that over 55 cards had been received by my friend's MOM and that they were still coming.  A few days later a photo was posted of a table with all the cards laid out in neat rows, and my friend's MOM sitting next to the table with a radiant smile.  

Now I have Mrs. C's  name on my calendar for the 15th of every month and I plan to send her a card monthly.  The January greeting already was mailed. 

I think about how simple that gesture was, how simple the ask from my friend on Facebook and how simple it was for all to participate. I wrote my friend a letter in early January and thanked her for making this gesture possible for so many. Perhaps others will do something similar in 2020. 

While I don't do this everyday, I try to as much as possible to consider and reflect on the ways I can make a difference and I try as much as possible to practice these actions or activities.  Some that immediately come to mind: 

A smile at a checkout counter 

Letting someone into or out of my lane in traffic

Texting a greeting or words of encouragement 

Listening, really listening when engaged in conversation 

Offering support without an opinion 

Remembering to slow down 

Saying Good Morning to the day Janitor at the Town Center 

Returning library books in a timely manner, 
not holding onto them for the full 25 days check out period 

Making eye contact 

Breaking down boxes before I put them in recycling bin 

Saying Thank you and really meaning it