Jan 17, 2020

It's Friday ~

Amazing all that can happen in a day. And yes it's Friday. I many times forget what day of the week it is, I'm happy for all the people who are happy that today is Friday. 

Today I remembered and missed Maddie again and again. Every day something happens that reminds me of her, something that she would have done, not done, been near me, reacted, expected.  I went to Publix and brought home some groceries, we had a routine. I would close the garage door, open the back hatch of the car and then Maddie would proceed to walk back and forth from the car to the kitchen, in her own sweet way, helping me bring the groceries in. If I had bananas or celery in the bags, I would take them out and show them to Maddie as she loved both celery and bananas. She was always excited to be close to me in the kitchen, knowing full well that after all was put away, she would get a treat of one or two fresh cut celery pieces that I always had in the refrigerator for her. 

I've been making a list of all the times my heart has felt her significant absence.  It's amazing how layered our relationship was, how much she was with me, an integral part of almost everything I did.  


Today I found out that Betty White is 98 years young !  Amazing. Wherever she is, I hope Betty is having a celebration with family and friends. Today is also my dear friend, Pat's birthday. This year marks 50 years of a wonderful friendship that started when we first met at Crestline Elementary in Barstow, CA. 


Today our nephew, Jaime Ortega is participating in the graduation ceremony of his Master's program from the Cass Business School in London. Roger and Mari have traveled to London to be with Jaime and his wife, Charlotte for the wonderful and exciting occasion. Congrats to Jaime ! ! !  Looking forward to seeing you all in Panama soon. 


Later today, 4 Arosemena siblings will be together. Now that Toby is in Jacksonville, when Carlos and Michele visit from Atlanta, we are all together, Ana, Parker, Elena, Tobias, Carlos and Michele.  It will be the first of many occasions were we are all together.