Jan 8, 2020

Every Wednesday

I've made an executive decision, in 2020, the post on Wednesdays uploaded to Verse in Progress, will be based on one of these words: recommend, reconsider, rewind, reprint, realize, reflect. 

Over the past few days I've read many of the VIP posts going back 15 years to August of 2005.  My reactions have been varied from being surprised and delighted at what I've read to asking myself,  "did I write that, what was I thinking?" 

I had a series of posts where I asked people to send me photos they'd taken and what the photo was about, what inspired them, why they took the photo, details of location, composition, etc. I love the photography collaboration idea, being able to share the talent and photographic eye of family and friends. Maybe in 2020, its favorite recipes or favorite book or movie and why. Any suggestions on this type of collaboration, send via my email. 

I was surprised by several of my posts tagged with the poetry label. Labels are what the eBlogger platform uses to categorize posts. So every posts that had a poem or was about poetry, I tagged with the poetry label.  Some of the poems I posted that I wrote, I did not remember at all.  I don't remember writing them and I was surprised by the poem themselves.  I had questions.  Hmmmmm, I will go back to those posts for sure. 

I certainly have favorite posts from years past and will share again. I also know the posts that have prompted the most reactions, emails or texts.  I will share some of these. 

Long ago I had the idea that I would someday curate Verse In Progress and create a collection of sorts that I would give to my niece and nephews for them to have for their children.  Will see how this unfolds in 2020.  

Today I will start with a REWIND post by sharing the link to one of my favorite all time videos that created and uploaded to YOUTUBE.  It was in 2011 - and yes its about Maddie and Morgan and swimming.  I've watched this video probably 50 times over the years.  Cindy recently posted to a Facebook group for Corgi owners in Georgia and the video got lots of views. 

The video is 3 minutes and 37 seconds, of pure joy. If you have 5 minutes to enjoy today, I guarantee this will bring a smile to your heart.