Jan 10, 2020

Driftwood Beach – Jekyll Island

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island located on the southern coast of Georgia is a favorite place for photographers of all types, nature,  portrait, wedding, amateur and tourist photographers like me.  It's located 80 miles north of Jacksonville and I finally got to visit this wonderful place a few months ago. 

I’m certain somewhere along your enjoyment of magazines and/or photography you’ve seen photos of this tiny spot on earth, a small stretch of beach that captures with majestic beauty a collection of old weathered pine and oak trees. 

Some trees stand like statues, some rest like awkward ancient ballerinas, some a collection of pick-up sticks, tossed and tattered.  All of them, regardless of shape, stature and beauty, are baking in the sun sharing a sense of timelessness with all visitors. If not for the ebb and flow of the tide coming back in, this place could be a movie set, or a whimsical wing in a nature museum. I love this place. My eyes could not get enough of the vistas. 

You can spend 20 minutes at this beach or 4 hours, all depends on your eyes and how your ability to "see" translates unspoken beauty into emotions, feelings, reactions and for me, wonder and gratitude. 

I was mesmerized. I could not get enough of this beach and all the different types of textures, bents, heights, twists, vistas, intersections, lines, thickness and overall composition. It's a place that if you can, you want to visit again. I'm making plans to go again soon.  

I was there in late June and it was a very HOT and HUMID Florida day. The two words are in caps to convey how uncomfortable it was. The wind was on strike that day and with driftwood as you can imagine there is no shade.  You have to plan your visit, it needs to be timed with the tides, as the beach and all its driftwood specimens is best appreciated at low tide.  

And if not for wonderful reviews on TripAdvisor, there are no signs, no directions, no parking spaces, no beach access walkways, etc. designated for this beach. Getting there is part of the charm of visiting this beautiful spot in Georgia.  The day we were there, about 10 people were walking on the beach.