Jan 6, 2020

Colors in my Heart

Friday January 3rd I was in my car on the way to Publix, about 5:30pm.  As soon as I could see the skies west of Jacksonville, the most beautiful, unusual, painting was detailed in the clouds, giant, vast, colorful, inviting, a masterpiece in full view. I knew at that very moment that this particular sky was meant for me. Angels had been busy painting, a platoon of angels. 

I immediately reached for my phone to take a photo and the phone wasn’t in the usual spot in the car console. After seconds of searching and reaching, I was actually thrilled that the phone was not with me. I knew I had to commit the magnificent sky to memory.  I slowed my car and engaged my eyeballs to study, capture, record and much as possible while I took deep breaths. 

I purposely studied the patterns, the colors, the hues, the imperfection of perfection. I knew the gift from Mother Nature was temporal, I also knew that I could create a photograph in my mind and heart and enjoy again and again. I wanted to be able to remember the splendor, the surprise, the genuine feeling of comfort I had in those minutes from the grace shared in the clouds. 

Imagine 4 vast rectangular shapes reaching out from the west, 4 giant fingers of a hand reaching (minus the thumb).  The rectangular fingers filled the entire sky, from as far west as I could see. Perhaps the visual of 4 runways side by side; the painters of this vista, successfully achieving one of their goals, the sky was filled from end to end. 

Against the canvas of the white heavens, the colors were many variations of pink, orange, yellow, there was even a very light caramel mixed in. The brushstroke patterns were what a painter creates on a page if the brush is moved back and forth, back and forth horizontally. What was unique is that all the shapes had soft delicate rounded edges, like stadium size cotton balls all bunched together. The texture of the clouds was superb, like nothing I've ever seen before. 

The colors were vibrant, alive and the combinations were exact. Some glistened to accent their presence, especially the yellows. There was a metallic quality to a particular hue of orange, the color of a juicy tangerine. The brightness of that specific color was alive, breathing, similar to when lava flows from the belly of the earth.  

The magnificent vista I processed through my eyes and heart was received by me as a message from Maddie. I heard her loud and clear tell me that she was OK and more important that I should be OK.  

I’m so thankful that I did not have my phone as that particular expansive masterpiece in the sky is now forever committed to my memory.  I’m certain that in the future whenever I have the great fortune to witness that scale of beauty, I will take a deep breath and relish in the gratitude of all the love and joy I experienced with Maddie and Morgan for the past 15 years. 

I’m grateful to Mother Nature and all the painter angels she enlisted that day.  Going forward I need to remember and know that my eyes can see and experience what no camera lens in any camera or phone will ever be able capture. 

I hope you’ve been able to enjoy your own vista of this magnificent sky.