Mar 22, 2019


Memories of Water Underlined
 By Elena Arosemena 

Grandma Chichi’s swimming pool in Arraijan 

The slurp, slurp, slurp of Morgan drinking water at midnight 2 months before her passing

Drinking salty waves on the bow of Helen Lang’s boat on the way to Taboga Island 

Barrels, buckets, tins, pails, wash basins, the platoon of vessels on Kissemah patios
in Ghana, all at attention at every rain 

The melt of delicate ice cubes, drops behaving like floods on her parched lips, the formality of satiation grand and in slow motion 

The cool grey protected waters of my childhood at Fort Amador in the Canal Zone 

The perfect temperature of all water after a long walk, run or bike ride 

The gates of heaven at Iguazu Falls, silver birds dotting the landscape awash in walls of mist 

Constant hot, very hot water, melting tears in a multitude of showers imagining You 

The Chagres River like no other: feeding, fueling, fostering the transit of the Panama Canal 

The endless streams at Estes Park in Colorado, everywhere you go, there too is water  

The nail polish blue, the perfect celeste shimmer, the waters of Key West 

Every wave that breaks and spills and sings, every wave I’ve welcomed in my heart

The perfect audio of water rushing below all the balconies at the Zoder’s Inn in Gatlinburg 

The perfect ocean that bathes every island in the San Blas Archipelago 

The grace of the St. John River at dusk on still days in Jacksonville 

The dark endless wake behind the Staten Island Ferry on the way back to Manhattan 
on my 60thBirthday

The songs, all the songs ever sang by the water’s edge: oceans, bays, rivers, streams, 
waterfalls, storms and spring showers 

Water your constant song is glory,  your constant flow is grace