Mar 6, 2019

The Next Generation - "AROSEMENA"

Leticia Arosemena Cuadrado is the daughter of our cousin, Raul "Danny" Arosemena and his wife, Andrea Cuadrado. Danny's Dad, is our first cousin on our Dad's side. 

Danny and Andrea and Leticia live in Panama and were visiting in Jacksonville for a few days.  Leticia will be two years old in July. 

We had a wonderful visit with them.  I'm not around toddlers very often, Leticia is extremely smart, she was always aware of what was going on. She loved playing with Ana and Parker's dog, Riley.  And giving life size Mini Doll a ride in the pink stroller around the house. 

We will all be in Panama for a family wedding early next year, we will get to see Leticia and her parents in about 10 months. 

Leticia has beautiful blue, grey eyes 

Danny, Elena, Ana, Parker, Andrea and Baby Leticia 


Danny, Leticia and Andrea at the zoo 

Feeding LUNA at the Jacksonville Zoo 

Watching videos on her Mom's phone 

Shopper in training at Nordstrom's Rack 

Leticia and Tia Elena 

Enjoying her AGUA