Feb 9, 2019

Perfect Day

Yesterday when I watched the 6pm news and Tim Deegan shared the weather forecast, I knew today would be wonderful. Temps were dropping from record highs of 80*+ degrees to the low 60*s, and 30 to 40 MPH winds were forecast to pass through Jacksonville all day Saturday. 

And today its' been a perfect Saturday.The sky is painted far and wide with a hint of grey, what I would describe as "glacier grey", a muted canvas with a surprise guest: tiny splashes of celeste, the lightest of light blues. It's a color Van Gogh knew well. 

The wind has been present all day and it's been calling, singing, whispering and sometimes even yelling. I have the sliding glass door wide open and windows in each bedroom slightly open, the breeze inside is a current of fresh oxygen.  Maddie and I have a natural fan blowing the gentlest breeze indoors today. 

The two magnolias trees just outside the front door have been dancing, swaying, sometimes in unison, sometimes in complete abandon of any choreography. What I love most is when the trees talk, the sounds generated between the crash of the wind gusts and the thick magnolia leaves, it's unique, like a wave of leather gloves clapping after a wonderful performance. This ongoing song between the trees, it comes and goes, there's no pattern, other than we've had wind all day. Right now it's about 2:30pm and Maddie and I have been enjoying this force of nature since she went out around 7:30am today. 

Maddie and I are both very sensitive to sounds, any kind of sounds; the songs of the winds today we enjoy very much.  When I had my coffee earlier today, I sat still, quiet closed my eyes and listened intently, it was such a treat. This afternoon we have Jose Feliciano playing softly, doors and windows still open and Maddie is taking a long nap. I'm making the assumption the songs of the winds are soothing for her. 

I've always liked the wind, what I like even more is the variations, the personalities, the visits that wind and breeze entertain in our lives.  

Nothing could have ever prepared me for the sand storms I witnessed while living in the Mojave Desert, in Barstow CA. Those types of winds are indeed storms and they are fierce, military tank fierce and dark. The winds in a sand storm are impressive and can be dangerous if you are exposed for too long. 

Favorite memories of winds, sitting on the bow of a boat going to and from Taboga Island in Panama, with our dear friend, Helen Lang and her family. That type of wind, gets in your eyes, mouth, between your teeth, in your ears. You can open your mouth and swallow the wind. I would always get tears in my eyes, not because I was sad; my eyes reacting to being extra dry because of the constant wind. 

I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship a few years ago with my family and visits to the bow were wonderful. The wind was not a strong, but it was constant. No off switch anywhere in sight. 

Another favorite wind memory, sitting on the hot, dry porch of Ceci's house, where I taught Class 1 for two months in Ghana in 2013.   It was so hot I asked to kids to quiet so we could possibly hear the shy visits and whispers of breeze.  Not sure if by coincidence or divine intervention of Mother Nature, when I could get all the children to quiet, all of them, the leafs on the mango tree in the courtyard would move and all the kids would celebrate.  That tiny bit of breeze was welcomed by all. I remember the temps were always in the mid to high 90* and it was dry season, it was hot morning, noon and night.  

When Jacksonville was in the path of Hurricane Irma in 2017, those winds were in the 60 to 70 MPH range and they were accompanied by constant, ever present rain for about 10 to 12 hours. That wind I absolutely loved.  

All of these wonderful manifestations of nature, are a gift. Maddie and I are thoroughly enjoying our day, wide open, fresh, cool.