Feb 28, 2019



I love palm trees !  

The city of Jacksonville has palm trees everywhere, well most everywhere.  The shopping center where I walk with Maddie every morning has them all over.  Today the sun was shinning, the sky a military blue, the clouds here and there providing context to the expansive vistas of the sky. 

I wish I could take photos like my niece, JoAnn. I could fill up a coffee table book with pictures of palm trees I've taken over the years.  I love many things about palm trees, the diversity, shapes, sizes, colors, most of all how they dance in the wind and/or stand tall at attention when the winds are none. I can also draw palm trees, or at least my version of a happy palms. If you look closely, if you take your time, each palm tree has it's own unique personality. Each one reaching for the sky its own way. They are nature's tall ballerinas, their balance of posture, height and circumference, always perfect. 

The palm in the photo above, it reminds me of a beautiful spray of fireworks.  The tall tree swaying with a tiny bit of wind today, it's beauty available for all to see, for all to enjoy. Palms also cast beautiful shadows, the duplicity of their tall, thin figures, an extra treat. 

Some of my favorite palm tree photos across the years. 

Across the street from where I live, church parking lot Palms 

At Toby's place in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 

Liz and Phil DeRoulet's house in Oceanside, CA

San Juan Capistrano Mission, CA 

Atlantic Beach, north of Jacksonville Beach 

At the pool at Toby's house in CA 

Carnival of Palms  - Elena's Palm Tree Art  

One of my favorites, Salt Spoons Palm 

These little salt spoons are from my parents silver place setting set. These little spoons are mostly in the drawer, I've had them since 2004 after my DAD passed.  I've never used them, except to imagine a fanciful Palm Tree.