Feb 22, 2019

National What - MARGARITA DAY


Not sure what organization manages the National Day Calendar, today is National Margarita Day.  On the way to and from Maddie's walk at the Town Center, we drive by Chewy's Mexican restaurant and they've had a flyer advertising this for about 2 weeks. 

Cheers to all enjoying a Margarita today.  Remember to always have a designated driver, or call UBER.  

Best Margarita Ever !

When I lived in Atlanta there was a restaurant in Virginia Highlands called POZOLE, they served Margaritas on the rocks with shaved ice. They were absolutely the best.  Cold, refreshing and the house mix they made daily was perfect. Not sour, or sweet, the perfect balance of the lime flavor and always top shelf Tequila. My preference, always with salt on the rim. Pozole closed a few years before I left and there went the perfect Margarita. 

Best Margaritas All Around ! 

After I graduated from college I moved to San Diego, California and there were 3 places that always served a good tasty Margarita. El Torito's in Oceanside.  Alfonso's in La Jolla and most any of the major restaurants in OLD TOWN.  In San Diego you where never far from a reliable source of this adult beverage. 

Most Expensive Margarita ! 

I had my most expensive Margarita at a fancy, not so fancy, establishment in Atlanta that was at Perimeter Mall. The restaurant is not there anymore, it was a fish and steak place with a modern, hip piano bar. It was mostly a "business meeting" type of restaurant, not usually frequented by locals.  I used to meet there after work with friends and co-workers from Cox. The most expensive Margarita, served in a tall tumbler glass, $11.00.  When I ordered it I made sure that if I did not like it, I could get another drink.  And it was one of the worst margaritas ever, way too sour.  And something about the tall tumbler glass, the effect of the salt on the rim was not achieved by the sleek much narrower glass. 

Most Fun Margarita ! 

HMMMMMM, this is definitely my most fun Margarita experience and it almost got me in trouble. I was fortunate that my partner in crime was the Human Resources Manager at my place of employment, Connie Podnar. We met for Happy Hour at Alfonso's in La Jolla, ahead of a "business" dinner that was also going to be at Alfonso's. We arrived at Alfonso's ahead of everyone else and we enjoyed Alfonso's best pour, a pitcher of the house Margarita.  Needless to say, we all had a wonderful time, the pitchers continued to flow at the dinner engagement with the larger group.  At the end of the evening everyone was very happy.  A few highlights, I remember demonstrating the "sprinkler" dance while we were all having dessert. On the way back to hotel, we all walked back, it was one of those "all day" meetings where we had to stay in a hotel, we all danced and sang as we strolled back. Some smoked cigars.  I fell in a fountain.  Not all of me, part of me.  It was all in good fun.  No one got in trouble and the next morning I showed up at the 8am meeting on time and ready to go.  The Alfonso's Margaritas are that good, not too strong in the alcohol flavor, the Tequila in your head shows up as a SURPRISE. 

Last Margarita !

I've not had a Margarita since October 2016.  It was the week the moving truck came with my stuff from Atlanta. I was at Taco Lu in Jacksonville.  The Margarita was OK, it made my stomach hurt. Too sour !  And the Tequila seemed to stay with me way too long. I've not had one since then and I dont plan to have one anytime soon.  My body has gotten used to no adult beverage consumption, my go to adult beverage now, Canada Dry Ginger Ale ! 

Margarita Origin & Other Facts 

No one is quite sure who invented the margarita, but there are a lot of theories. The most widely spread rumor is that an American socialite named Margarita Sames created the drink for her friends in 1948. One of her party guests was Tommy Hilton, who added the drink to the bar menu at his hotels. This is probably not true, though: The first importer of Jose Cuervo used the tagline "Margarita: it's more than a girl's name" in 1945—three years before Sames debuted her drink.

Mariano Martinez invented the frozen Margarita machine in the early 1970s. It was fashioned after a 7-Elven Slurpeee Machine. 

Margarita in spanish means daisy. The daisy is an old prohibition drink that has a base spirit, sugar, and a sour. The cocktail later inspired the sidecar, which is basically a margarita with cognac and lemon. Some believe that the margarita is a spin on a tequila daisy.

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant. It's got Vitamin C. A standard
margarita will have around one ounce of lime juice, which should provide 13% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C.