Jan 16, 2019

What in store for 2019 ?

We are 16 days into the New Year, 2019.  So much going on in the world: good, bad, crazy, amazing, horrific.  With all the technology available, apps, gadgets, programs, it seems time moves at a faster pace; worlds that we participate in are at our fingertips via WhatsApp. Slowing the pace of life is now a daily intention, not for all, for some.  

I’m one of those who appreciates a slower pace. I’m now in the part of life, “the Sixty Club” where intention and action or activity is considered, analyzed, planned, why, how, why not, do I care, why do I care, all of this thinking and consideration at a greater degree than before. Perhaps it’s because I have more time to think and consider and listen.  Listen to my head, listen to my heart, listen to silence, listen to nature and prayers. 

I know I’m way too reflective, I love to think and consider. My eyes have always focused on seeing and recognizing details, nuances, patterns.  As my brother, Roger says, I have an active imagination.  It’s part of my DNA.  Speaking of DNA, I completed a DNA tests late last year and I’m still trying to figure out and understand the results.  It’s on my list of discovery for the near term. I have a list of suggested 2ndand 3rdand fourth cousins based on DNA results, that is also on my radar to check out.  Who knows what I’ll discover.  

A priority for research and discovery this year is specific to my paternal Great-Grandfather, Ruben Varon Ramos, who was born in Colombia in 1868 or 1869.  Last year I did a bit of research, hours and hours of online microfilm review of pages and pages of Catholic Church records from Colombia, I did not find any specific records on Grandpa Varon.  

I started again these past days, it’s been unusually cold north Florida, so Maddie and I have been inside much more.  I joined a Facebook Genealogy group that specializes in South America research and I’ve already found new resources where I can continue the research.  I just printed 9 pages of URLs that link to information on all fronts specific to historical records about Colombia.  


The above photo is of Maddie Louise this morning. She is now 13 years old, she will be 14 in September.  She's been patiently waiting to go on her morning walk, her "regular long" walk.  It was 40* when we went out earlier for her morning nature break, it should be a bit warmer now. I just checked and the temperature is now at 53 degrees. What I love about North Florida in winter, we get a few days of cold, to remind us that cold is possible, by Friday we are back in the 70*s. 

Wherever you are, Maddie and I send greetings from Jacksonville.