Jan 24, 2019

The Wave


I've never heard of this place until 2 days ago. Maybe in all the years I read the National Geographic Magazine when we lived in Panama, I saw pictures of it's grandeur.  I don't remember. Now I can't get the beauty out of my head. I must go and see The Wave. 

Toby and I have a trip planned out West one day when he retires. Out West to visit some of the majestic natural parks and wonders in Arizona, Utah, Nevada. My vision of this adventure, rent a motorhome and go and go and go.  

Thanks to Google and the power of the internet, I spent a few hours yesterday and today reading information on how to hike The Wave and all that is involved in getting a permit, only 20 hikers are allowed in per day.  Hmmmmm -  There is an online lottery and a lottery every day onsite that requires you to be present to win; there are several sites that provide all the necessary information to get a permit, if you are lucky. 

There is not enough room on this post to provide photos of the beauty. I will include one and encourage you if you are interested to enjoy all that is posted online. I included a link of a YOUTUBE that provides a account of the lottery, the hike in, and some of the grandeur of the The Wave. The link is below. And all the TripAdvisor reviews are telling, some are almost like short, short stories.  Thanks to all the people who take time to post reviews and videos, it helps those planning an adventure like this.  

Toby when you read this post, know that The Wave at the Coyote Buttes is on our list of places to go. We need to get our hiking boots ready. 


The information below is from this website: 

Coyote Buttes and The Wave

The Wave is the premier photographic destination in the US Southwest. It is located in the Coyote Buttes North area of the Utah Arizona border. In addition to The Wave Coyote Buttes North contains many other spectacular rock formations. These include The Second WaveThe Alcove, Top Rock Arch, Melody Arch and the GrottoSand Cove, and Fatali's Boneyard. The Wave is best photographed from mid-morning to early afternoon so as to minimize the extensive shadows; the other areas listed above are best photographed mid-late afternoon.
A permit issued by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is required to see The Wave. Only twenty permits per day (10 online and 10 walk-in) are available and demand far exceeds supply. During the most popular months (April, May, September, October) there can be over 150 people applying for the ten walk-in daily permits. In the other months you usually have much less than a 50% chance of getting one at the daily lottery. Your chances are better if you're going alone, or in December - February.
A six mile round trip hike in required to get to The Wave. Since there is no trail to The Wave you should be able to use a map and compass or GPS to help with navigation. The BLM provides a map with your permit and instructions on getting to The Wave, and there are a small number of cairns on the way. Over the past five years five people have died on the way to/from The Wave. If you are not sure about your navigation skills I strongly suggest you hike in with a guide or a friend with these skills. Do not go alone. If you use a GPS be sure to mark the Wirepass trailhead and other key points along the route. Stay with your party. Four of the five fatalities were heat related, so if you go in the warmer months bring plenty of water, at least four liters, and preferably more.