Jan 19, 2019


Over the next few days several events are taking place that are of interest. Here is my PSA on three that I will be watching, following, reading about.  They are listed in order of date. 


Sunday at 6:30PM EST, the Kansas City Chiefs led by their amazing 23 year old, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, will face the New England Patriots led by their amazing 41 year old quarterback Tom Brady.  And yes Tom Brady has 5 Super Bowls Championships to his name with the Patriots, regardless of this record, I will join most football fans across the country and root for the young quarterback and his Kansas City teammates. 

I’ve watched football for a long time, I followed the Chargers when they played in San Diego in the days of Dan Fouts.  In Atlanta I did not follow the Falcons, too much drama with that team when I lived there.  I was excited to join in on the Jacksonville Jaguars fanfare last year as they almost made it to the Super Bowl, losing to the Patriots in the conference finals. This year as most people know, the Jaguars team imploded.  

Even if you don’t like football, Patrick Mahomes is a special quarterback, he is quick, his intuition reading the oncoming defense is aided by some type of radar in his head and his passing is incredible. I don’t have the specifics of all his stats, he is a top contender for the league MVP award this year. Every Chiefs game I’ve watched this season has been exciting football.   The Chiefs lost to the Patriots by one field goal this season, the game was on the home field of the Patriots and it was won with the last play, a field goal. 

Tomorrow in Kansas City the forecast at 6pm is supposed to be in the teens. The home crowd in the  stadium for the Chiefs is supposed to be one of the loudest ! It will be a sea of red for sure.  It will be great football.  GO GO GO CHIEFS ! ! ! 

LUNAR ECLIPSE January 20th Sunday 10:30PM EST  

I love the moon, and I look forward to the eclipse. In Jacksonville you are supposed to start seeing the beginning of the eclipse around 10:30pm, certainly past my bedtime, I’m staying up for this cosmic event for sure.  

WORLD YOUTH DAY January 22nd to 27th 

World Youth Day in Panama City, Panama.  Most articles I’ve read estimate that between 350 and 400 THOUSAND youth from all over the world will be in Panama next week for the Catholic Church celebration of WORLD YOUTH DAY.  It’s the biggest event ever held in Panama and yes, Pope Francis will be in attendance. The event is held every 3 years all over the world, the US hosted in Denver, in 1993.  The event in Panama is the first held in a Central American country.