Jan 23, 2019


I normally don't write about beer or adult beverages with alcohol.  

For the record I've done only 1 post about beer long ago, a beer from The Netherlands that I discovered via my friend, Patrick Parks.  

Yesterday I read news updates and saw on Good Morning America that Sarah Jessica Parker did a post with her Sex in the City character, Carrie Bradshaw to promote a Stella Artois and Water.org campaign to continue to bring safe, clean water to areas in the world where water for every day drinking, cooking and bathing is not available.  

The campaign will provide for every six pack you buy, clean water for 6 months. So 1 beer = 1 month of clean water. 

I first heard of the Water.org and Stella partnership during a Super Bowl commercial last year.  It's great that they continue to partner and help with this need around the world. Their website has all the information about what they do, where, their team, financial statements, FAQ's, full disclosure. 

In addition to Stella Artois, Water.org partners with several other major companies and foundations. The organization was founded in 2009 by the actor Matt Damon and Gary White. 

(Water.org is the resulting organization of the July 2009 merger between WaterPartners, co-founded by Gary in 1990, and H2O Africa, co-founded by actor Matt Damon)

I don't normally drink beer, I keep some in the frig if guests are coming. The Super Bowl is in two weeks, many people will have family and friends over to watch the game. Certainly not everyone drinks beer, if you have a reason to buy a six pack of beer in the next few weeks, consider getting Stella.