Dec 25, 2018




It is indeed a Merry Christmas !  

Best Wishes to All, Dear Families, Friends and our most loved pets ! 

My day starts with WhatsApp texts from Ghana - they are 5 hours ahead, always wonderful greetings, blessings, photos, songs, from across the world. 

Maddie had her early morning breakfast, her treat this morning, bananas.  She is ready for her walk. She in for a surprise today, she is going to walk at Jacksonville Beach. 

My daily cup of coffee this morning in the company of two awesome, delicious Pecan Sandies.  Melissa, one of my neighbors, surprised me and brought some over yesterday.  Oh my what a treat. 

Alexa is playing OH HOLY NIGHT, by a host of different artists. The song is my all time favorite for the holidays. 

My family is in Panama, California, Tennessee  - we are going to try the Group FaceTime App today and see if we can all get on one screen.  

Ana and Parker are smoking ribs for our holiday meal later today. They make the best ribs ever ! And I always get to bring some home. 

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas 
and a Wonderful New Year ! !