Jul 17, 2018



A few days ago I shared in an update my recent onset of allergic reactions to eating fresh pineapple.  Today it's my relationship with noise. 

If ever I was in a situation where someone wanted to torture me, it would be easy. Put me in a room with loud, receptive, fast beating, or rap kind of music and I would cave, I would give up the goods. 

Earlier today, I had an appointment at 7am at one of the Honda dealerships in Jacksonville. I purposely scheduled at first appointment of the day, as it gets very busy at the dealership. I figured early appointment, less traffic, less people and I would get out early enough to take Maddie for her walk. Also the sales staff does not come in until 9am; I could wait for my car in the cushy faux leather chairs they have with broad arms rests where I could prop up my books and/or iPad. I had my "wait time" all planned out. 

Not sure who designed the sound system when dealership was built, they put in speakers in the ceiling everywhere. I sat in three different places trying to get away from overhead speakers pipping in loud music and  "ad nauseam" DJ chatter.  No matter where I sat, the music was overhead, falling on me, over me, constant, clear and there was no OFF switch. 

Once my brain tunes into the sound, I'm plugged in to the source and my entire body hears everything in a loud exaggerated way.  No the end of the world; I'm sure the experience raises my blood pressure and heart rate. 

The music and chatter were loud, I heard songs I did not recognize, Taylor Swift was the only name I knew. They announced songs by Marshmellow, Post Malone and a band with Garden in the name. And then there was commentary on last night's episode of The Bachelorette - REALLY ! The two DJ's went on and on about Becca and Jason and Blake and Colton.  I only know this because once my brain locks into the sound, it's almost like a recorder is on picking up every word that I can understand.  During a slow rap song, where the singer was doing that slow marshaled parade of words, the song was making me crazy. 

As soon as I sat in my 3rd location, trying to get away from the sound, the noise, I said to myself, " you have to bring headphones" from now on.  I was given an estimate of 90 minutes for the car service.  At the 1 hour mark, Mike came over and said the service was complete minus the car wash and did I want to wait for the car wash or be on my way. 


Maybe it's age, not sure.  My earliest recollection of this sound issue is windshield wipers. I've always noticed the sound even when I was a kid.  Drip sounds, the constant, repetitive, drip, drip, drip, that also gets my attention. Loud restaurants, where you have to yell across the table to have a conversation, I've actually asked to be reseated and/or have even left these kinds of places. I also have the capacity to tune into and track different conversations going on at the same time, it's weird.  

Sounds I love:

The sound of silence. 

The sound of breaths, Morgan snoring ever so lightly as she got older. 

Any shore line, the chorus of waves, the melody of rivers. 

Wind, the sound of leaves, 
the swish push and pull of branches and leaves 
reacting to strong gusts. 

Palm tree gusts are the best. 

Rain, one of my all time favorites sounds. 

Slow piano ballads. 

The children of Mawuvio's in Ghana reciting the school closing prayers, especially the OUR FATHER. 

Any song by Armando Manzanero. 

The immediate sound when you pour 2 wisked eggs in a hot skillet. 

The tone of a heartfelt conversation. 

16 synchronized paddles moving through the water 
when I was learning to row. 

The slow, delicate, enunciation of my name when 
Grandma Chichi called me  E L E N I T A. 

The unique amplified sounds of everything heard when you scuba. 

The whispers of young children when they are sharing 
something very important. 

The tin ring ring call of the bell on my beach cruiser.