Jul 25, 2018



Cloud: a visible mass of particles of condensed vapor (such as water or ice) suspended in the atmosphere of a planet (such as the earth) or moon ! 

Jacksonville clouds yesterday around 3pm 

One of the many things I like about living in Florida is the weather.  

While I don't necessarily want rain showers for 9 days in a row like we've had recently, I do love the manifestation of the weather. Maddie does not like it as much as I do, I know to be home for storms as she is significantly impacted by thunder and lighting. 

Yesterday I was driving home from the JAX beach area and it was sunny and clear at the coast. As I drove the 9 miles to the area where I live, I thought I was driving onto a movie set, where the skies had been painted. The tone in one direction heavy, dark, grey, still. The clouds hung like bladders - all shapes and sizes, all suspended perfectly, waiting, to the point of almost bursting. You could feel the tension in the sky. And it was as if the sky had been lowered to pronounce that rain was indeed on it's way.   Not sure how the cloud ceiling is measured, it was as if I could reach up and touch the clouds. 

When I exited the freeway and drove towards the community where I live,  (instead of heading due WEST I was now heading NORTH), the skies changed. The photo below is what I was looking at out of my car windshield after I made the turn. The dark grey and blue clouds were now white and you could feel the sun.  The drastic change in the sky in a distance of less than 1/2 a mile, I was loving it. 

Outside my car windshield was this masterpiece of art in the sky. There was depth, balance, symmetry and movement. The composition of the clouds was nature at it's finest. The canvas of angels as I like to call it was magnificent ! 

I was able to get home in time before the boom booms, that is the term I've used with Maddie all along to talk about the storms. She knows way before they get over our area; something in her canine discernment can anticipate rain, and certainly here in Jacksonville, you can feel the humidity in the air as a big storm nears. The winds usually pick up and the temperature cools ahead of the rain.  

This wonderful manifestation of atoms doing their ballet in the sky, is wonderful.     If I was a better photographer and I was not driving I could have taken more pictures.  The one below, imagine this the size of 10 football fields, it was beautiful. 

Jacksonville sky around 3pm yesterday - Town Center area