Apr 12, 2018


JoAnn Catherine and Tia Elena 

Soon I will be with my niece, JoAnn, in Brooklyn and New York City.  She will be part of the Pratt University BFA, MFA Digital Arts Show at the Pablo's Birthday Gallery in Lower Manhattan. She graduates in May and this is the thesis show for all the students in the Digital Arts Major. 

I'm going ahead of the show opening to help JoAnn with the installation of her thesis work. I just finished renting a 9 foot cargo van from UHAUL.   Yes, Tia Elena will be driving in New York City.  ! Imagine that ! 

JoAnn is a great co-pilot and we literally have to cross the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge and the gallery is 3 miles on the other side of the bridge.  

It will be an adventure for sure. I'm looking forward to it ! !