Mar 7, 2018




Today I did not forget.  I have every WEDNESDAY in the month of March marked on my calendar. When I saw the topic this morning, STORY, I immediately thought of the pictures I'm posting. 

My most recent and joyful memory of the power of sharing and telling stories. So much is shared, learned; the storyteller fanciful with details and memories, answering a volley of questions while the audience is curious, interested, anticipating the next photo and the next and the next. 

This one of my favorite all time photos from my visits with the MOP children in Ghana. All of us around the screen of an iPad, looking at photos and me telling the story of the photographs or videos. The sharing always intense.  The children avid listeners, their laughter ringing out in a chorus ! 

What do you do on a warm Saturday afternoon after all the Saturday chores, cleaning, laundry have been completed. You sit on the shady side of the school building and share stories.  

These are new children in the KG1 and KG2 classes being introduced to pictures and videos of Maddie and Morgan. The iPad a perfect device for sharing.