Mar 6, 2018

Siblings are Life Gifts !

TUESDAY MARCH 6th, 2018 


I dont think my parents sat down one day early in their marriage and said to each other, "let's have 5 children, Ana, Rogelio, Elena, Carlos and Tobias".  I'm sure they did not have this conversation, most parents don't.  

At the same time regardless of how we all came to be planned or not, I'm thankful each and every day of my life that I have siblings.  It is the best life gift, siblings.  

My older brother, Roger, and his wonderful wife, Maria Elena, they are both celebrating their birthdays today, March 6th. ! ! !  I had a nice call with them this morning, both are in Panama and wished them all the best.  

The photo above is a recent picture of Roger and Mari when they were attending a wedding in Colombia a few weeks back.  They are both wonderful people and together as a couple and as parents, they are even more wonderful. 

Roger reminds me so much of our Dad, his character, his way of managing life, his love for his family and some of his mannerisms are like I was in the room with my DAD. He is indeed a wonderful brother ! ! ! 

I wished we lived closer, certainly with WHATSAPP we all stay in touch, photos, texts, videos, phone calls. 

Felicitations to both Maria Elena and Rogelio ! !  Love you both ! ! !