Mar 16, 2018

Roger's Visit

Today is Roger's last full day of his visit in Jacksonville, it has been a fun week.  

Tonight we are closing out the activities with a Led Zeppelin tribute band concert at the Florida Theatre in downtown Jacksonville.  The band, GET THE LED OUT,  has great reviews and we are all Led Zepplin fans ! ! 

Rogelio IV is actually a music enthusiast for sure.  On a 20 minute car ride from the beach yesterday, he paired his phone with the bluetooth option in the car and in 20 minutes, I heard songs by The Killers, Jay Z, David Bowie, Frankie Valli, Beach Boys, Infected Mushrooms, Elvis Crespo, Joe Arroyo, Tokyo Hotel, Nubajes, Ottis Redding, Billie Holiday, Iggy Pop, ACDC, Van Halen, U2 and Hector Lavoe. I'm sure there are a few artists I missed.  Roger has a SPOTIFY account and all the music is available via that service. I'm not sure how all the works, certainly Roger knows his music !  

Tia Elena and Roge and Tia Ana 

A visit from Roger or JoAnn would not be complete without having Grandma JoAnn's famous and awesome and delicious French Toast. So yesterday at Ana and Parker's house, Rogelio learned the recipe for Grandma JoAnn's French Toast. It's wonderful !  Today I'm going to quiz him to see if he remembers all the tips on how to make this great breakfast treat. It was a wonderful time we had a great breakfast and also shared many memories of his Grandma JoAnn.  

Rogelio IV keeping up with Tia E
on a 6 mile bike ride at JAX Beach 

Ah the bike ride, we had PERFECT WEATHER and the low tide conditions were the best. The sand like pavement allowed us to ride as close to the water as possible without getting wet.  We did the usual 6 mile loop from riding through Jax Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach.  We had some spring break activity on the beach, not much.  It was a perfect day for a bike ride. 


Rogelio IV in 2003 

It's amazing that this little guy is now almost 22 years old.  Roger we love you and you are always welcome in Jacksonville.  Safe Travels !  Love you, Tia E !