Mar 19, 2018

My Neighbor Mary Ellen


I know this is not a good photograph, I was in a hurry and I also did not want Marry Ellen see me take the photo. This was earlier today around 7:30am and I had to smile when I saw Mary Ellen, much like I smile everyday.  

She was the first person I met when I moved here in August of 2016, when Maddie and Morgan and I were camping in the condo until the movers came in October. Mary Ellen has a small dog, a chihuahua named Taco and every morning she takes him to to the patch of grass by the fire hydrant, in the lower right hand side of the picture. 

And everyday I take the girls out, we both get up early and are usually out at the same time. We always exchange greetings, comments about the dogs, the weather, the news. And smiles ! 

In the early morning, Mary Ellen always comes out with Taco in her Pajamas and a bathrobe, today she had the addition of an umbrella. I love the sense of home and familiarity that Mary Ellen has in going out to walk Taco in her pajamas ! Her bathrobes always match, blue, pink, yellow. 

In the beginning when I hardly knew any of the neighbors, Mary Ellen was my constant familiarity, my daily greeting and we have "the kids" in common.  Today I had an extra big smile when I greeted her through the lanai screen.  I loved her pink ensemble ! 

Maddie and Morgan had already gone out, Morgan got up extra early today and I never know if she really has to go or not, so I always take them out when the first wake up. 

Morgan and Maddie and Taco are not friends. Taco barks at them and Maddie and Morgan take turns barking back at Taco.  Mary Ellen and I, share the same daily routine, early walks outside with the kids, we usually go at the same time and she is Mary Ellen and I am Elena Maria. So we had an easy way of remembering each other's names. 

And yes, I've gone out in my pajamas, not too often. I have Nick and Nora pajamas, and no matching bathrobes, so I usually change into a pair of shorts or sweats depending on the weather.