Feb 22, 2018


I'm a day behind, this really did happen yesterday. 

I was at Costco getting my  glasses with the new prescription strength for 2018, and yes Costco Optical is always busy.  I always try to estimate when they will not be as busy, my estimation has only worked once. 

I got to Costco at 10:30am and got #60 as my customer wait in line #.  When I pulled the ticket they were taking care of customer #54 so I didn't think it would take long. 

At 11:05, they had advanced one customer to #55 and more and more people were coming and pulling their customer tickets and gathering. The lady in the photo, she came by and found her spot right in front of where I was standing. When she walked by I could smell her perfume fragrance, I had no idea what perfume it was, I immediately noticed she was dressed like if she was going somewhere after Costco. She was blonde, very elegant, she had on beautiful silver jewelry and she reminded me perhaps of what my Mom would look like in her early 70's.  As she walked by I smiled and for a few seconds I forgot about waiting. 

As we continued to wait and more people were gathering, I walked up to the lady and inquired what # she had, she was customer ticket 68.  We had a nice visit for another 10 or 15 minutes and still my number was not called.  I found out she was headed to a birthday celebration at a nearby restaurant and that she was hoping her Costco visit was 10 or 15 minutes. She was delightful, she had a beautiful radiant smile !  She was impeccably dressed, she was looking forward to the birthday lunch celebration she was headed to. 

And just for a few minutes she had no idea how happy I was to have had the opportunity to visit with her and have the lovely and wonderful thoughts of my MOM. 

I didn't know the WordPress photo challenge was going to be A Face in the Crowd, I took her photo yesterday thinking that one day I would write about chance encounters that are really not about chance at all. For a few brief moments, my heart was filled with the joy I've imagined for years and years.  

I wish I would have asked her name.