Feb 14, 2018



This is a tough photo challenge, sweet ! I think of food and certainly of times, people, places, memories, ideas that melt my heart !  

I had this tasty breakfast everyday a few years back while visiting a 
dear friend who lived north of Miami. This was a real deal, cafe con lenche and pan tostado.  It is oh so so good ! 

The sweet smile of Elijah Futri from the MOP school in Ghana.  I met him 2011 when he was in KG1, now Elijah is in 5th grade.  He knows how to melt hearts ! 

The wings of Angels ! AH.... what could be sweeter ? 

Young love, Cousin Danny Arosemena and his then girlfriend, Andrea Cuadrado. They are now married and live in Panama City 
and have a beautiful baby girl, Leticia. 

Sweet, Sweet Maddie Louise ~ this dog is truly happiest when she 
is in the water. Much like her MOM, E. 

Tia Elena and JoAnn Catherine in El Valle in Panama. 

Cinderella ~ Celebrating her 50th Birthday a few years back 

One of my favorites, Tres Leches Cake. 
I made for Carlos for one of his birthdays in Atlanta. 

Toby and our MOM, in Barstow California. 
This is a birthday celebration for Toby. 

Cakes at the public market in Cuzco, Peru. 

My dear, wonderful, awesome and sweet sister, Ana Maria. 
St. Augustine, November 2017 

Sweetest Welsh Corgi Girls - ever, Maddie and Morgan