Feb 15, 2018

The Sounds of Gun Shots

Today I was going to write an update titled, A Crazy Idea, and I can't. The update is indeed about a whimsical crazy idea; I can't go there with the somber mood of my day thinking of the horrific mass murder, the assassination of innocent students and teachers at yet another high school in the US. This time in Florida, in Broward County at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, about a hour north of Miami.  17 Dead and perhaps more, 5 are in critical condition at area hospitals. 

I heard about this tragedy last night as I was watching the Olympics, I had not had the TV on all day.  By the time I went to sleep I'd seen and heard the 40 second video posted by a student in one of the classrooms where all you can see are feet and shoes, while gunshots are clearly and loudly going off somewhere nearby. 

I've not had the opportunity to hear and know the sound of gunshots. Certainly I've seen movies and watched TV shows were guns are being used. Real gunshots in real life, I can only remember two times.  

In Panama when we used to visit the Nachio Family at their house on Goofy Lake, Uncle Joe would set up target practice for all the kids to shoot bottles and cans filled with water, the sound I remember from Goofy Lake was nothing like what I heard on the video last night.  

The second opportunity, when I was shooting clay targets at Lake Sinclair with Joe and Denise, friends of Cindy's.  We were using rifles, what seemed to be gigantic rifles, that were also equally as heavy. The sound when shooting the clay targets was nothing like the rapid succession of decisive and deadly echoes I heard on the 40 second video last night. The sounds of the AR 15 weapon were crisp, clear, rapid, overpowering the cries, the screams, the calling out several times, OH GOD, OH GOD ! Certainly the sounds of horrific fear. 

Awful Awful Awful Awful Awful Awful. 

I can't begin to imagine the trauma that all of the students and teachers will have to endure and live with for the rest of their lives.  Post traumatic stress is real and its horrible. 

Jim Morin, The Miami Herald 

I'm always amazed that quickly after these mass murders, the nations flag is ordered at half mast, prayers are called for, moments of silence are observed, People Magazine will run a feature article with pictures and names of all the those murdered; formalities that while honorable are "decency" theater.  
The decent action would be change, change, change. 

I don't think that in my lifetime this madness will in anyway be curbed by governing laws or restrictions. I was certain that after all the children were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary that because they were so so so young, that finally something would alter the mood of the country regarding governing laws and restrictions of weapons.  

I hope I'm wrong about this and that one day soon there will be significant change.