Feb 16, 2018

Morgan Sofia Update

I know if my DAD was with us, he would love to get the updates on Morgan's medical care and treatment. I know he would have loved Maddie and Morgan so much.  Whenever Morgan is having any type of medical care or treatment outside of the regular check ups, I always think of my DAD and the interest he would have about all that is going on with the girls. 

Morgan at the vet's office today 

Today Morgan went for her first rehab evaluation and water therapy treatment.  Her back legs are losing strength, most likely the degenerative myelopathy is starting to take it's toll on her back limbs.  Her left back limb basically moves forward based on momentum from her right leg movement.  Morgan drags her left limb, she is not picking up her leg, you can hear her nails scrape on the cement or pavement.  All of her walking activity since she stopped limping back in mid October is SLOW SLOW SLOW.  Part of the slow movement is to allow her left limb to catch up and move forward, in addition to most likely being stiff and having some mild discomfort.  Certainly Morgan the amazing soccer player has retired. 

In the past three weeks, her back legs have started to do the splits on the tile floor.  In the photo above her back legs had done the splits, rather than going through the motions to get control of her back legs, she simply sat on her back side while she ate. In all 13 years that I've been with Morgan, I had never seen her do this before. Subsequent to this day, I saw her scooting on her back side 2 or 3 times. I immediately got a few carpet runners and lined all the main areas of the living space where she walks. Now she knows that if she gets up on the carpet, she can gain traction and her back legs won't split.  So about 95% of the time she is OK getting up and walking.  A few times during the day I have to help her get back up after her back legs have given out on her. 

And just incase you are wondering why Morgan eats out of a plastic rectangle container, she devours her food, almost in vacuum like gasps; the large rectangle container allows me to spread the food as far and wide as possible. And this slows her down. Over the years, we tried everything, this works the best. 

Fast forward to earlier this afternoon, Morgan completed her trial hydro therapy session.  She did very well, certainly a few small pieces of celery where involved.  If you click on the video at the bottom you can see Morgan in the water tank with the treadmill. She got a bit scared when the water started rising around her, once she got going she managed to walk, Dr. Jessie Burgess was seated behind her helping her steer her body, while I stood at the front of the tank, along with a vet tech encouraging her to continue walking. 

It was amazing that once the water level got to about 6 or 8 inches, Morgan's walking movement was like it was before she started limping in June of last year. She was moving with confidence and a determined stride I've not seen in Morgan in a very long time.  

Morgan ready to go ! 

Today Morgan had limited time in the water, the first session is to ensure that the dogs will be OK in the tank and get the general idea of walking on the treadmill and being comfortable in the water.  Morgan will go back next week for more hydro therapy.  I'm also going to learn some PT exercises to do at home with Morgan.  One day at a time. 

All I've read regarding degenerative myelopathy, it can develop and progress over time, 18 to 36 months.  In some cases it develops and progresses very very fast.  Morgan certainly has been impacted in the 3 to 4; I can definitely see her back legs getting weaker. Her Corgi spirit and stubborn ways, they have never waned. She is the bossiest Corgi I will ever know !  

I love you Morgan Sofia ! !