Jan 12, 2018


Yesterday for a few minutes my entire email inbox, all history, all sent emails, all drafts, all archived emails and all the emails I have organized by folder based on all the things I work on, track, communicate about, etc...... so each and every email I have in my email client, they were ALL GONE.

GONE, every folder was empty.  And I saw it happen with my own eyes, they were there and then they were all gone. A key stroke to delete a FOLDER and all of my emails were gone gone gone.  

For a few minutes I panicked, quietly, moving slowing, looking at the screen, clicking on the empty email folders over and over, trying to figure out what the heck happened. 

I remember being very quiet and very still trying to figure out what the heck happened. Where did all the emails go ?  I could see the email count next to each folder and I could see that my emails were not in the trash can.  I knew they could not be deleted, if they were not in the trash can or the trash folder.

I called Apple.  

About 10 minutes into the call once I had explained everything to the Apple Tech Support person and once she had me verify that all the emails were indeed in my Comcast inbox via webmail, she was certain that they were not lost.  

Certainly she could not explain what happened, why they all disappeared. Basically the Tech Support representative had me delete and add back my Comcast account and WHALA all the emails came back. Just as they had disappeared, they all came back.  

As of late, I've started to consider that my almost 10 year old iMac needs to be replaced. And I struggle every time I think of this because I can do all the things I need to do, especially make movies and burn DVD all on the iMac I have today. The new iMacs don't have an internal CD/DVD drive, that all is external now, I guess less parts for Apple to have to keep track of in their desktop computers.  

One day I'm going to have to catch up with technology.  In the meantime I'm thrilled that all the emails were indeed not lost.