Jan 31, 2018



Immediately, as soon as I read the description of Beloved, I knew exactly the photos for the Wednesday post.  

My beloved interpretation is not "something" it's the "someones' that I dearly love.  Immediately, immediately the image and word parents flashed across my mind.  

I'm a DNA compilation, combination of JoAnn Catherine Rodewald Arosemena and Rogelio Augusto Arosemena Varon.  Without them there would be no Ana, Rogelio, Elena, Carlos and Tobias. 

Ah... the influence, the legacy, the love, the examples, the life lessons, the adventures, the celebrations, the heartaches and the memories. I thank God for the blessing of wonderful parents. Certainly they were not perfect, I had many a disagreement with my DAD over the years and our MOM as most everyone knows died from ovarian cancer, way too young, she was 45. 

JoAnn Catherine Rodewald Arosemena 

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of my MOM. This is late 1950's, the house at 0203- A Herrick Road in the city of Ancon, in Balboa Heights in the then Panama Canal Zone.  She was indeed a beautiful lady, she also knew how to plan for and have wonderful family gatherings throughout the year, especially during the holidays.  

I love some many things in the photograph, the Last Supper, the Nativity, the two holiday trees, especially the one in the background. I love that the window is open and the dinner forks are all lined up, a platoon of shiny utensils ready for the meal. Her dress is lovely ! My favorite is her smile. I always remember her beautiful smile and her Iowa blue eyes. 

Rogelio Augusto  Arosemena Varon

Another of my favorite photos, this was the day Princess Diana died. 8/31/97. We were staying at the Coronado Hotel at Playa Coronado, about an hour outside of Panama City on the Pacific Ocean side of the country.  I love the foot steps, both our heels raised, we were determined in cadence and pace.  I love that we both have jeans on, my Dad sporting a baseball cap which he rarely did.  And holding hands, Father and child !  I miss my DAD everyday. 

BeLoved !