Jan 24, 2018



My variation on a theme, food close up. Long ago I took a photography class at an amazing photo lab in Atlanta. Each week we had assignments and each week we would share and critique the collective class photographs, much like a writing workshop.  

The vast interpretations of the teacher's assignment were so diverse. And we had amazing photographers in the class, amazing from a technical perspective, students that really understood shutter speed and light and shadows and shutter aperture.  I loved that class. 

One of the assignments was to take photos of the world close up. I rented a macro lens from the lab and had a wonderful time photographing the world of food close up. My variation on a theme for the Wordpress Wednesday Photo Challenge, FOOD CLOSE UP.  

Rice Fortress 

I love the tiny seeds, their significance competing 
with each grain of rice in the sushi roll ~ 

Pools of Syrup 

Love the texture and symmetry of the waffle ! 

The Sense of Garlic 

One of my favorite flavors - sweet and savory GARLIC ! 
Their is so much beauty in the shapes of a clove 
Can you see the partial wings of an angel resting ? 
This is my favorite picture of the group 

Momentary Monuments  

Ice so common, so ordinary 
When up close,  frozen boulders, massive glaciers