Jan 10, 2018


Every Wednesday Wordpress issues a photo challenge topic or subject for the day. And if you have a blog on Wordpress you can join the thousands of people who participate in the photo challenge and then post. By being part of this blog community and photo challenge you get to see a multitude of different interpretations of the subject challenged every week.  

I'm going to participate via Verse in Progress.  

I love photography.  I wish I was better at the art and craft of taking great photos. The topic for WED January 10th, WEATHERED. Share a photo that shows the effect of time and the elements. 

I immediately thought of the shoes worn by the children of Mawuvio's in Kissemah. Below is one of my shoes photos, not a great shot, you certainly get the idea of time and wear.  

I love the first set of boots on the left hand side, worn with almost wild abandon, with no regard for the use of laces, as long as the boots fit.  Those small feet belong to Elijah Futri.  The 4th pair from the left, worn by the little person in a dress, those are the shoes of Mary Amah Logo. Mary has a smile that can light up the world. 

My other WEATHERED photo, Daniel. Daniel lived outdoors on the edge of Kissemah in a tent of sorts. He spent a great deal of time in the hot sun, and always had on layers and layers of clothing and objects all worn by time and use. He relished all of them.  

The few times I engaged in conversation with Daniel he was soft spoken and always smiled. And even though months and months would go by of me not being in Kissemah, whenever I saw him again, he always remembered my name. Daniel certainly was a free spirit.